Intense whitening serum
Intense whitening serum
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Golden Crystal (Intense whitening serum)

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Insist and consistent

If you are suffering from hyperpigmentation on your foot or any parts of your body, this the best serum to use. 2keys words insist and consistent

Thank you for your Honest Review.

Caroline Ochieng

Golden Crystal (Intense whitening serum)

Golden Crystal serum is infused with rich antioxidants, vitamins, and fruit acid that work together to protect skin against signs of aging. This high quality effective serum treat and fortifies skin with essential nutrients and provides smoother, firmer and more vibrant looking complexion....this serum is known to whiten the skin flawlessly without any harmful effects,

Golden crystal serum will help you achieve Smooths texture,whitening tone, renews skin’s luster, Rejuvenate skin, heal and improves skin’s,fade hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.


How to use

 1: Apply on freshly cleansed skin

Drop a small amount on hyperpigmented areas on body, face and neck.

2: Add into any lotion and mix very well(we recommend using it with golden crystal lotion or any of our lotion)

 We recommend You use this serum continuously for long period for better results

Ingredients: kojic Acid, Glutathione, collagen, vitamin E&A, vitamin C, Tranexamin acid, Aburtin extract, Rose Extract, carrot oil, coenzym Q10, chamomile oil, calendula oil, lavender oil, olive oil, mulberry, sepi white, glycerin, AHA, papaya oil, mineral oil, cety alcohol,  Deionised water


Net 120 ml

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Q: Does your products suit all skin types
Yes our products are made from natural ingredients to suit all skin types this includes sensitive skin (but we recommend customers to make a patch test before they fully use)

 We are not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. We advised you make a patch test before fully use if you know you are allergic to organic and natural ingredients, also remember to follow the appropriate direction in usage.  Discontinue usage if any reaction does occur

Golden Crystal Complete Set (5pcs) - Vicsflawless
Golden Crystal Complete Set (5pcs) - Vicsflawless

Golden Crystal Complete Set (advance skin whitening set)


Golden Crystal set even out skin complexion and rejuvenate, help enhance skin complexion (by lightening/whitening it depends your already have complexion) it also help beautifies and give a healthy skin, it also tightens skin, softer, silkier and young  looking skin.

Golden Crystal set is recommended for all skin types and specially designed  for skin Enhancement not skin bleaching 

Set Includes:
Golden Crystal (intense whitening lotion) 500ml

Golden Crystal (intense whitening serum) 120ml

Golden Crystal (face and body soap) 250g

Golden Crystal (active whitening oil serum) 50ml

Golden Crystal Face cream 50ml

This is not a skin bleaching products (we recommend customers to be patient and consistent in using our products for long periods to achieve prefect result) visible  results can be see from 3 to 5 weeks it depends on you skin type and complexion (natural fair skin will get to see visible results faster than dark skin)

We recommend you Exfoilate your skin with our coffee scrub at least 2 times a week to help improve skin complexion 



For better results, MIX IN 1 BOTTLES of golden crystal milk serum and golden crystal oil and shake really well before using for lighten and even skin faster 

use golden crystal exfoliating body SOAP everyday morning and night
use exfoliating body scrub to eliminate dead unwanted skin to get fast result, 2 times weekly.

Product Variant: 

Why choose this product

Product Feature

Our Products are skin caring made products, formula with natural botanicals and effective Ingredients which targets hyperpigmentation, fade dark spots, melasma, age spots, and post-hyperpigmentation inflammation, and it also evens skin tone revealing a more radiant, uniformed complexion

“ I’ve already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging! ”

“ I’ve already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging Serum! ”

“ I’ve already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging! ”

“ I’ve already gotten compliments about my skin glowing after using the anti-aging! ”

 Golden Crystal Face Cream Is For skin Brightening, Lightening moisurizing and Flawless complexion


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